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What did I learn from Death?

What did I learn from Death? What did I learn from holding my fathers hand and being by his bedside as his soul left his body on Sunday, September 24th. A lot... The whole experience touched and changed me in the ways I am still trying to comprehend, but here are a couple of things that want to be shared now: 1. Love never dies. Literally. Although the whole experience was heart-breaking and intense, it was filled with enormous love and gratitude at the same time. Love is more tangible and solid than I could have ever imagined. 2. Death is a sacred moment - it is a mystery, a holy experience, magic. I am still processing it, but a part of me knows it was a privilege and an act of grace to be with my father as he took his last breath and to witness a beautiful soul crossing the void… returning home… It was as sacred as witnessing the birth of a child. The last breath holds the same mystery as the first one, they are part of the same love story of Life. 3. Spirituality and knowledge didn’t save me from feeling pain, from the heart being broken open and expanding, but it prepared me to be completely present during the whole process. And it saved me from drowning in the ocean of fear and despair. (Although, I realized, I secretly hoped that being on a spiritual path for years would save me from being a human mess, overwhelmed by tears and sadness and grieving the loss… but this is another story). 4. Community, in which you can be open and vulnerable, makes death even more bearable. In those moments the last thing you need is to feel lonely. 5. The saying "You die as you live" proved to be absolutely true. 6. Intuition is always there to guide me if I am able and dare to listen. When my mind couldn't believe that was really happening, the heart was overwhelmed by emotions, and the body was simply exhausted, an innate internal knowing kicked in and took over. Something in me knew that my father would leave us that weekend, it prompted me to change plans and be in the hospital at that time, it pointed me to a right music to put on to soothe and guide his soul in that last hour, it showed me how to sit still and to hold my fathers hand and just breath, and to read from the Tibetan Book of the Dead… being completely present to the sacred process that was unfolding - a very special soul completing its journey on this earth. Every step of this journey it guided my father, my family and me toward love, power and trust, and away from fear, resignation and despair. Forever grateful for that and for my fathers love that is always with us.

P.S. As I reemerged into the new reality after my little world as I knew it for 47 years fell apart, I sadly saw that the world is falling apart on the macro level too… And we all know the world as we have known it will keep falling apart with increased speed and intensity. Therefore I feel an urge to offer a workshop on "Intuitive Intelligence" in November to make us more aware of our inner GPS, to upgrade it and to learn how to turn it on when we most need it. And with what is happening in the world, good, updated internal guidance is badly needed to navigate this crazy adventure called Life with joy and ease while having some fun. So stay turned...

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