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Intuitive Leadership Journey

a three month coaching including 2 calls a month and an unlimited support in-between.

The meetings are held over zoom once every two weeks. I work in English, German and Russian.

The process is unique for everyone and we will design one to fit your needs, challenges and opportunities. 

Investment: 2400 € (plus tax)

Know Thyself 

Enneagram Personality Assessment (iE9) is a powerful tool that helps to understand our motivations, triggers and patterns.

Our pre-call session (approx. 30 min) and debrief (approx. 2 hours) will provide you with valuable insights into your patterns and help you change them.

Investment: 650 € (plus tax). 

Sofia Burau walking mindfully down a beautiful forrest path
Sofia Burau looking over into a forrested valley

Intuitive Reading

Tap into the Quantum Filed and get additional Information for an important decision making process.

Investment: 250 € (plus tax)


As a Intuitive Reiki-Master I help you to connect with your inner advisory board (aka spiritual guides, teachers or just a very wise part of you) when you at a crossroad.

Investment: 300 € (plus tax)


If you are intrigued or interested in getting a closer look at the process schedule a free initial consultation and we can have a chat about your goals

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