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What are you PAYING attention to? 

How can we turn uncertainty into opportunities, struggle into magic?  My client and I wondered today as we worked on her strategic planning. 

By shifting our minds and PAYING attention to the solutions and the outcomes we desire. It is like investing your hard-earned money  (and your attention - that equals your time and energy, until you passed a certain point) We all have a limited amount of it and we invest every ounce of it - in our worries, regrets, fears or into dreams and magic, and surely into our relationships, work, social media… Decision is ours to make, but often we don’t take advantage of it - we don’t invest our attention intentionally, we actually spend a huge amount of it mindlessly. 

We wondered what happens if we PAY more attention to magic and dreams this week. 

How about you, would you like to experiment? Every time you catch yourself worrying, complaining, focusing on a problem, imagine you are investing your real money… Turn struggles into magic by PAYING more attention to dreams & solutions and less to problems & excuses. 

P.S. Images of a magic of the first snow and a full moon (I decided not to capture any pictures of the chaos on the roads:))

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