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Stuck on a project? 4 steps to get ideas and intuiton to flow again

Stuck on a project? Intuition and Creativity aren’t flowing? Ideas aren’t coming?

Just yesterday I experienced such a moment of stuck-ness. The deadline for submitting an application was approaching at a speed of the lightning (exactly when I needed it time to slow down and to take on more mindful attitude the most). And my creative juices didn’t want to flow no matter what I did (going to the fridge, checking e-mails, meditating, surfing on FB, going to the kitchen again wasn’t producing usual results…), and the clock was ticking…without any good ideas paying me a

Sounds familiar?

You are stuck in a face of a decision, deadline, an important choice and you seem not to be able to connect to that illusive gut feeling, that fleeting intuition, that fabled creativity. They just rudely  refuse to talk to you and to give you a so badly needed answer, inspiration or idea when you need it the most to finish your project on time?

What to do to get these moody “divas” to talk to you again:

  1. Realize that something is in your way and your are definitely stuck – stop hitting your head against the wall, (going to the cafe corner, grabbing a snack, checking LinkedIn or FB …), ok? Stop.

  2. Re-assess – look at the situation once again, now from an observer perspective (once you calmed down) –  maybe it’s not a wall but a door you have been bumping your head against it with all your might without noticing it?

  3. Recognize the answer is there – most probably your intuition and creativity aren’t blocked at all, they are trying to give you an answer. But the answer is so unexpected, unusual, unconventional, uncomfortable that you simply overlook it and don’t recognize for what it is.

  4. Risk to act on the answer, idea, insight you are getting – pull the handle and open the new door instead of damaging it with your head – and see you creative juices flowing again…most probably in a very different direction.

If you would like to get some support in getting unstuck to figure out what your intuition is trying to convey, feel free to schedule a free sample session: ttps://

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