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Safe Harbor

Yesterday, as I hiked with my family through the picturesque Calanques of Cassis, a wonderful tiny harbor caught my camera. And an old phrase “Safe Harbor” jumped to mind. Safe Harbors in our lives and my coaching.

Having a safe harbor is a wonderful thing, it’s a place to re-charge, re-connect, clean and maintain our boat…. All in preparation for the next journey to some big waters of an open sea. This is the sole purpose of the harbor. Boats never were meant to stay there for ever. Never.

Similar,  none of us has been created for staying in our comfort zones, our Safe Harbors, forever. There are times and situations where we need our harbors to relax, recenter and reenergize. Although more often then not, we tend to linger in these cozy familiar harbors longer than we actually need to. And the longer we stay there, the harder it gets to get your boat off the anchor and put on the sail…

So I am curios in what areas of your life you have stayed in your comfort zone long enough (maybe even much longer than enough, much much longer…)? A good indicator that you have overextended your stay in your comfort zone is when you even forgot the smell of the open sea, you think the safe harbor is all that is…and, most importantly, the joy and excitement have started to fade away and to leave your deck. ( Although, for some of us it could also be a time to return to their harbor to recharge and recenter? )

Where is the boat of your Life right now? What is your next destination? Where you actually want it to be by the end of this year?

If you would like some company on your side, to help you to clear your map, to turn in your compass and to raise your sail, I would be delighted to hear from you and to introduce you to my beloved waters of Co-active Coaching and Leadership. Please feel free to schedule a sample session with me at: ttps://

My own boat is also ready to get out into the sea… It’s about time to feel my own sails with excitement and a thrill of adventure. The next destination this year is to dive even deeper into the world of intuitive action and to connect from an open heart to Life and as many people on the way as possible…

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