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“Let the season be merry and bright”


Let the season be merry and bright. Let the season be.  Let the life be. Let it be ok just as it is.  Let’s assume just for a moment that it IS already ok. It might be messy, full of uncertainty and far from ideal. But it is, so let it be. Let it be ok.

It might be that you are among the lucky once and your life is absolutely wonderful right now.  Enjoy and let it be ok as well without any feelings of guilt, fears that it won’t last and “I don’t deserve it”s. Everything is Ok exactly as it is.

Let our loved once be ok exactly as they are. Perfectly Ok. (yes, even with all their annoying habits and traits that come popping up every holiday season).

And now assume that we are also ok. Ok with all our shortcomings and non-achievements. Ok with all our brilliant and dark sides, beautiful and ugly ones. Let’s just assume we are ok and give ourselves a gift of self-acceptance and compassion.

Let’s stop struggling with the questions and doubts and just for a couple of days in this magical for all religions season live into open door of answers. Let’s assume just for a couple of days that the answers have been there long before we asked the questions. Let’s assume that Life with all that is right now is perfect as it is and provides all the answers.

Let’s get out of our heads for a couple of days and let be, feel, laugh, smile, taste, smile again, hug, hear, cry, listen… Out of the heads with all their worries, fears, struggles, grudges, doubts, regrets, and expectations and into the open spaces of our hearts full of love, joy and light…

Let YOUR season be merry and bright, full of magic and light!

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

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