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Give your Intuition a second chance!

What happens when you don’t follow our inner guidance –you realize fast that it wasn’t that smart of a move and have a familiar “bummer, I knew it… “- moment. Do you give your intuition and yourself a second chance?

I had a pleasure to experience it again recently. I took on a new client - everything seemed to be fine, my head and my heart approved, only my body messed up the quorum - nope, not a great match for now - it just wasn’t exited without explaining itself any further (the gut feeling is usually not very chatty).

But because everything else seemed to be such a perfect match, and there were no logical reasons to say no, except it doesn't feel right, I followed the majority and moved ahead. After the first couple of sessions, it was obvious, it isn’t going to work the way we both envisioned… my body was right.

My first reaction was - damn it, I knew it, I messed up again, I should trust my intuitions and feelings blindly by now… and I caught myself moving towards a downward spiral.

A couple steps down that rabbit whole, I suddenly I discovered a limiting hiding in the corner - a part of me believed that intuition gives you only one chance and if you didn’t follow it from the beginning, she will be offended, won’t talk to you ever again, cut the line and leave you on your own. Deep down I was afraid to hear “I told you so” … from my gut followed by sullen silence! Sounds familiar?

The Truth is, the inner guidance is always working, it is always there, it is not a sulky know-it-all - she would never ever rub it under your nose “See, I told you so, I have warned you, but you wanted it your way, I am out of here now.” The inner guidance is more like a loving mentor, a very wise guide, and a loyal friend who will tell you, “Don’t worry, it was a good learning, and now let us find a best way to move forward from here”. Intuitive guidance is always available, doesn’t hold a grudge and patiently waits until we make a U-turn and dial back in.

To read the rest, please got to the article! Otherwise have a fun ride!

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