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2 Steps for the intuition-guided life

Follow your intuition, listen to your gut, trust your Inner Voice… Sounds very simple and natural, but on the other hand how do we actually do it?

That’s what I was thinking about walking in the forest… Those who know me, know that Intuition is one of the topics I am passionate about and I would like to demystify it and help us all to use more of this innate wisdom for our Leadership and Life journeys (It surely won’t hurt to un-dust and fine-tune of our build-in intuitive GPS to keep up with the evolution of the AI).

Back to the actual topic – It all comes down to two major steps:

1. Receiving the message – hearing/feeling/seeing/sensing – and getting clear on what it is saying, what exact direction it is pointing you towards – some practice in decoding the language of your internal wisdom council could be needed.

2. Acting on it – trusting it enough to allow it to be the strongest voice in your inner boardroom and following its guidance – letting your inner GPS actually lead you. This is usually the hardest step to do. Your Intuition is seldom the loudest voice in your head, but always the wisest.

What step are you more adept at? – hearing and decoding the message your inner guidance is trying to get you or following through on it – or both, or none, or you have no clue what it is all about…

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