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"Your intuition is the path towards your true freedom and power"

One-on-One coaching to unleash your inner magic 

My mission

I am here to create more freedom, joy and abundance for myself and anyone who has the courage to follow their heart, to listen to their intuition, to embrace their soul and

to walk their own path.

I am not normal, so I work best with outliers, with people who are ready to question the status quo, who gathered enough life experience to know that there is more to life than what is visible to the eye.

I am a perfect companion for those who are hungry for their soul, authentic power, freedom and aliveness. Who are tired of fitting in and are ready (or desperate enough) to stand out, to truly belong and be themselves, to dance to their own music.


Is this you?

Are you smart enough to believe in magic? Are you accomplished to the point of realizing that true fulfillment lies beyond what meets the eye? Have you reached a certain level of success and beyond but haven’t found yourself yet? I am a perfect companion for you when you are ...

Ready to embrace

your authentic power, freedom and take control of your own path

(aka executive presence)

Tired of fitting in

are ready (or desperate enough) to stand out, to question the status quo and to truly belong to yourself

Interested in fine tuning 

 your own inner compass, intuition and gut feeling 

This is me
Forest Trail

About me 


"I am here to walk a part of your path with you when you need some guidance and clarity"

My Journey 

As an Intuition & Presence Coach (CPCC, PCC, ORSC), Enneagram Practitioner (SAT, iQ9), Reiki-Master (in Training), I support people in finding their inner voice and following it and creating a new attitude towards life as a result of it. I truly believe that life is there for us to dance with, to grow, to develop ourselves and bit by bit to become the person we were meant to be. I believe that true success and fulfillment аrе only possible when we listen to our hearts and then use our heads to find the best possible strategy to make it happen. I have been on that journey myself since my spiritual awakening (or you can call it nervous breakdown) in 2012. I know the bliss and the pain of the spiritual path - having been through precious moments of awakening and the dark nights of the soul. I know the  struggles of being internally torn apart between the heart and the head - when no matter what part of you you decide to follow you are doomed. And I also know the all pervading clarity and trust that comes with the courage to listen to the heart, face your fears and make a leap into the unknown.  Before following my heart and becoming a coach in 2013, I attained two law degrees, moved from Siberia to Germany, to France, to the United States and back to Germany. I am a passionate practitioner of mindfulness, meditation, and yoga. And I truly believe these are important for anyone who wants to have a conscious and inspiring life and a leadership journey. This is a foundation I build my life upon.

To see my whole CV  please visit my LinkedIn profile. 

You can also get some insights about my own journey in my blog Intuition&Intellect.

My Life

To give you some insight into my private life – I am happily married to my first love for 24 years and together we have a privilege to share our life journey with three amazing young human beings. Our family became complete when our cat joined us a couple of years ago. She is our inspirational Zen master. 


The Process

I will take you on the best and the hardest journey of your life, the journey from your head to your true self. This journey is breathtaking, it is worth everything you have and at some point it might ask you to let go of everything you have to become who you really are. 

“I am a magic pond that reflects your beauty and your BS"

I create a field of presence, so that you can sense your own beauty and your BS. I am honest and direct, loving and wise. I am as intuitive, as I am smart. I like to question rules and create my own. I love freedom and authentic power - that is what I bring to the process and that what I expect you want more of as well. 

I work in English, German and Russian. An average investment for a three month journey is about 3,000 €. The meetings are held over zoom once every two weeks, you will also have my unlimited support in between the sessions. The process is unique for everyone and we will design one to fit your needs, challenges and opportunities. 

To have a taste of my presence and my coaching and to find out if it is what will help you to get to the next level at the moment, feel free to schedule a 60-min initial consultation that is on me.  

Clear Water Lake


To read some testimonials of people I had an honor working with please visit my LinkedIn profile 


If you have any questions, send me a message 

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