Hi my dear visitor! Are you a smart, successful person who is curious in developing your intuition? Are you standing in the middle of life, accomplished, you figured out how it all works?... but deep down you have a feeling that there is more to you? Are you longing for a better connection to your Self and your intuition? 


As a professional certified Co-Active coach (CPCC, PCC, ORSC), I am passionate about helping left-brain individuals connect the dots, find their life-purpose and as a result create a new attitude towards life. I truly believe that life is there for us to dance with, to grow, to develop ourselves and bit by bit to become the person we were meant to be.

Originally from Russia, I am now based in Germany, after living in France and USA for extended periods of time. After attaining two law degrees (from Russia and Germany) and LL.M, I decided to follow my calling to support people in finding clarity and fine-tuning their internal compasses and become an advocate for our True Selves. 

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You can also get some insights about my own journey in my blog Intuition&Intellect at https://sofiaburau.wordpress.com.